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39 thoughts on “Volume 1

  1. Hi David I am wondering if you can make a banking meme that expresses the fact that banks cannot loan the banks money but they will arrest/confiscate your physical body and property if you don’t pay back an alleged loan.

    Re: section 23 the bank of Canada act “prohibited business”
    “The bank cannot issue loans using the banks securities or investments, nor lend other depositors funds.

    Re: the financial administration act “money is any note, check, draft, promissory note, bill of exchange, postal remittance, money order.”

    So basically we unknowingly “contract” with the bank when we get an alleged loan. We sign a promissory note for $50000 and the bank credits our account.

    So what should be a fair trade we are tricked into paying back the principal amount plus interest.

    Re: modern money mechanics Chicago federal reserve “money is created when a loan is applied for.”

    So basically through contract we are bound but if there is fraud in any contract then that contract is void.

    Full disclosure, the banks did not!

    Equal consideration, our signature created asset for the bank and now our physical labour is required to repay.

    In kind parties, the banks are corporations and they are contracting with our “legal person” our ALL CAPS NAME

    There is no limitation on fraud.

    Sorry to babble on just thought some context might be needed to express your art work.

  2. I have been following your artwork diligently since the False Flag of 9/11.
    Your artwork is just so relevant, timely, succinct yet comprehensive.
    That is very difficult to achieve.
    Well done !

    I would like to purchase your book, can you provide a link or billing quote ?

    Keep up the great work, YOU ARE DOING GOD’s work !
    Free us from this Tyranny !

  3. Hi David,
    I heard you on SGT Report and would like to order a couple of your latest books for Christmas gifts. Do you have an order page on your site? Sorry…if you do, I didn’t see it.


    • Hi David, Art and Comedy state the truth so simply and succinctly. This opinion triggers my request: is it possible to commission you for a t shirt design? I have a funny and relevant idea that would be worn by any citizen. I want to help some women(disposable) in our society by hiring them to silkscreen and distribute the shirts.
      It’s a pretty fun idea and should be a pretty simple graphic, should really happen before the election. If not possible, thanks for reading and thanks so much for your expression.

  4. Got my copy yesterday and its all that I expected it would be,GREAT! Be nice to see a work with Obomba saying : ” Here is some change you can believe in ” with mushroom clouds in the background.
    Thanks and looking forward to next book.

  5. I am currently considering using one of your images, specifically the police abuse image. I wanted to get permission to freely use the image.

    If this is okay please send me a written approval at my email. Thanks.

  6. Can I have more information about your SIGNED BOOK SPECIAL ?
    Does it have only your signature and no other things more?

  7. Hi David,

    I caught an older audio of you & Jeff Rense and you both spoke of an Adolf Hitler collage. I’ve tried to locate it and failed thus far. Can you help me locate this and do you have any current Adolf Hitler Art to offer?

    J T

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