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  1. Wow great a new upgrade for this fine website, so we can post suggestions here for basic feedback!

    One i wanted for so long: the witch Diane Feinstein picture with her evil eyes, the eye layer is shifted out of proper alignment, it probably was a mistake move, look at it because it’s not that obvious to notice.

  2. Awesome gallery showing the works of a creative genius. You rock David Dees. Thanks for sharing your great achievements with us!

    • No, I tend to like ‘jews’, they are super smart and fun to chat with, but what I hate are the zionists, and there are christian zionists and jewish zionists, find out about zionism please. You have an extremely cruel sadistic heart to approve of what the jews in israel are doing to the helpless palestinians, so get off my site, you are banned from now on.

      • I must say David, It is wonderful to be in Command of your own work and I applaud your no-nonsense approach with trolls.

  3. Excelent interview on SGT Report! I can appreciate real art and when I can learn,laugh,and be inspired all at once it’s gotta be good. Mercia!

  4. your art is very impressive. you illustrate my worldview, thank you! A little inspiration: the ISIS people are hornets. maybe you can work with this theme.

    best wishes from Germany

  5. Hi David, Fantastic book covers. Do you design these book covers using your art or does someone else do them for the writers? If you design them, what would be the cost using your art?

    • I design all the covers, and do all the illustration work, price wise I just work inside what the budget is, I like to say I do covers for 200 to 2000 USD depending on time and effort. Just a matter of figuring out what can be done in the money spent. And by the way, I art directed and photographed all the models for the six martial arts covers.

  6. nding this web site made all the work I did to find it seem like nothing. The reason being that this is such an informative post. I desired to we appreciate you this detailed read with the subject. I definitely savored every little bit of it and i also perhaps you have bookmarked to see new stuff you post.

  7. I would love to see your artwork on CDs of rock and metal music albums. I’m tired of all that devil and New World order symbols on them. Some bands deserve better art. Thanks for your eye opening work.

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