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  1. David,

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and eye opening information!.Each and everyone of the images tell a whole story about the real motives and purposes of people in high level government,as well as making one conscious about choices for a healthier life.thanks a lot!!!

  2. David, Could you please give a brief description of the message you were attempting to send in the graphic illustration of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, holding hands, and posed as the twin girls from the movie: The Shining? Several posters on a discussion board are trying to figure it out.

    I just thought you would be the best person to interpret your own work… not us.

    I really love your work!

    Thank you

    • not for me I think it is a great way of waking people up to exactly the jews are behind. Read the protocols and you will see exactly what there plot is.

    • No. If the number of Jewish Stars multiplied X 10 there wouldn’t be enough. I know. I have an idea. Lets put the number of Stars directly inline with the number of Palestinian Children murdered? Or Americans on 9-11? Until enough American’s, and the world for that matter, wake up and understand they are being slow boiled massacred or every single zionist criminal is launched out of this country there will never be enough Stars. Poster. They count on your political correctness. That time is done and the ONLY time anything gets solved, not your trump or hitlery vote, will be when ever single member of the Military gets a glimpse of this mans brilliant work.

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  4. I was surprised and puzzled as to why there a picture of Rand Paul with the red eyes and with world leaders in gallery 2? Does this infer that you (Dees) feel different about him than about his dad?

    • Satire? Doesn’t mr. Dees his work comes to close to reality for that? As i see it, mr. Dees makes art about the sad reality. And it is needed to open people their eyes.

      You don’t want to know how many people got trauma’s mental and physical from what is happening in the world. First we had victims from communism, they where under treatment for decades because what the communists had done. Now we get victims from western oppressive regimes….well they call it super surveillance regime’s. What is the difference?

  5. Hello, David
    I see you’ve read Mike Welsh’s history books.
    I too just discovered him last week.
    After 67 years, I am finally learning the truth about the politics of WWII, Bolshevism and the Jews.

  6. You’ve heard the old saying ” every picture tells thousands of stories ” , well these pictures tell of the millions of murders commited globally for a certain few and few rymes with , well you know .

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