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  1. I’m designing a website titled PCMORONS.COM and have a section that demonstrates Agenda 21. I’ve used one of your illustrations in my page mock-up to illustrate a FEMA camp reality, The headline is Greeting from Camp FEMA. I do not intend to use this illustration for any other purpose than as a illustration on this page on my website.Please advise if you any restrictions for such use.
    Jerry Gordon

  2. Francesco Gerardi
    Feb 12 at 12:37 PM


    Message body
    Hi David,
    it’s again Francesco from Naples, Italy.
    I wondered if you got the time to read my last e-mail.
    Scipione Massari (my b. partner) and I are developping our website and our mission will be production and sale of strong social messages accessories (scurves , t-shirts, k-chains, puzzles) in order to support alternative point of views. Our first project will be the production of a man scarf with a JFK 11110 logo, I am pretty sure you are totally aware of. Here attached you find few pictures of our work in progress on JFK and his Executive Order. You will notice in some pictures a big reproduction of our old Italian £500 State (no Central Bank) printed in late 60s and 70s and disrupting the NWO major rules
    It would be wonderful to get your support in our start-up session, taking advantage of your art for Mankind. At this stage it’s difficult for us to offer an immediate revenue for the products but nevertheless we will be proud to grant your rights with a bit of relief, but it’s now that things are more difficult financially.
    We might product jigsaw puzzles with some of your masterpieces and would be delighted to share with you the choice of a first group of images to be printed and cutted in puzzles. I strongly believe messages in your works could be strongly supported also in the European environment.

    Hope thes few lines can catch a bit of your attention,
    Francesco Gerardi

  3. Hi David, excellent work you do. I saw your graphic on Ukraine that had no indication that the US spent 5 Billion Dollar to prepare the regime change over several years. Many people believe the US has nothing or little to do with it. But if you read the hacked phone conversation between Nuland and the US ambassador in Ukraine it is clear they selected the new government. They are not elected from the Ukrainian people.
    It was an other regime change from the US but maybe one to much.

    • I am dizzy from what to try to illustrate any more. But, I have been to Kiev twice in the last 7 years, so I have seen the country and enjoy the people. Will look into it, thanks for the comment, don’t you love the ‘regime change’ concept? How sick, how sad.

      • That is great you went to Kiev. As you know the only reason they wanted a new government is: for Ukraine to join NATO. Ukraine was such an important trade partner between Russia and the EU, and the Pentagon did not like that. Remarkable is the photo on the Munich security conference in 2014 on wikipedia, 20 days before the putsch, as Kerry presents already the new government of Ukraine with boxer Vitali Klychko. How did Kerry know the government will change in Kiev in 20 days?
        Only Obama, Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland, Washington’s European puppets, and the Western prostitute media can describe the brutal reality of post-coup Ukraine as “the forward march of democracy.”

        • The new world order says that rogue states may not have weapons; the new world order says that a criminal country is selling them weapons , when in fact, the new world order sells weapons to all (and “new world order ” , I mean a group of corporations that you are supporting ) … And the place of you , it is that of a robot in the hive , or going to die on the high seas ; beyond that , enjoy your entertainment on every movie and possible distraction. But it all you want , anyway , so what are you complaining about? Come? I caught them kissing with the new world order again. Really! Look for a room or something! It is hot here…

  4. Hello Mr. Dee’s.

    Got to give you some “kudos & high compliments, sir. Your artwork is AWESOME!” I ‘share’ them often on social media like Facebook, etc. and they always bring a “like” or “share” when I do.

    Stay vigilant!

    Kindest Regards……
    P R Lanza Sr.

  5. David, just received your book. Truly brilliant. The ‘I Like Icke’ button made me spit my coffee out, I laughed so hard. I’ll be giving it to my son who turns 17 this April for his birthday. You are making a difference, buddy. I am completing a book and would like to inquire about pricing for cover art. I have see your covers on Mike King’s and Ellen Brown’s work, among others, and would be honored to join the club. Can you email me your pricing? Thanks, and great stuff. — Gordon Philips. Milford, NH

  6. Big fan of your artwork man! You obviously watch the world with unsewn eyes. I was wondering what you are trying to illustrate with your new flat earth picture. I am aware of the Rothschilds and friends controlling most of the planet through finance and media, the truth about how Hitler fought the bankers and almost destroyed the New World Order, holohoax, chemtrails, fluoride, GMOs, Zionism, pretty much everything you successfully portray whilst making it cleverly enticing and humorous. However I must add, after flipping through the damning evidence for the flat earth theory, my conclusion is that indeed the earth is flat, which is why I am making this inquiry. Please respond, for I will be very grateful.

    • thanks for writing, while I don’t often explain these illustrations, as it would be like interpreting lyrics to a song, I will say I use symbols to get the feel across. Consider they are in a prison cell, but is it a real prison or symbolic, consider all the symbols, bars with sunlight streaming through in quite an inspired way, warm rays in a cold cell, and most noting the United Nations logo on the wall which sports a glaring flat earth map as it own symbol since 1945. I believe that was the year they were exploring Antarctica and not many years after closed it down and signed a world wide treaty making it off limits, and protect it from investigation with military force. What are they hiding? Did they find the edge? And the children have electronics showing through their skin, which i included to alert people to transhumanism and robotics technology we are on the verge of falling into. These kids have far more than a microchip implanted in their arm, chips are only the beginning, imagine having IQ and info implants, and do you think they just might include all their philosophy of a world government in the mix? Is the earth really flat? I am still on the fence trying to hold onto my globe earth I grew up with, but appears we were lied to. Study the youtube videos that are exploding with new research and curvature experiments. Quite alarming and super fascinating. It is a massive conspiracy, to put it mildly. Thanks so much. dees

  7. Hi David,

    Love your work, been following you for years. Are you saying with your latest picture – Cell, that the Flat Earth is a UN Agenda, or that it’s turned out to be true but while we were arguing over it, the UN Agenda 21(2030) has come in and we’ve all been locked up and micro-chipped?

    For the record, I’ve concluded we are not on a planet at all; in a video game it seems like you’re on a planet, in a universe, but actually it’s all just machine code – zeros and ones.

    That’s what this is.


  8. Hello Mr. Dees, thank you for your incredible depictions of the matrix we live in. I have sent you an email regarding your artwork of the family looking up at the hazy chemtrail sky I have currently designed a prospective billboard and would love to use your fabulous artwork to get the message across to people and to raise awareness. Can you please get back to me and let me know if I may have your consent to use this picture? Thank you very much Mr. Dees.

  9. Is this a legitimate website, or is it satirical. Because this website is the reason I worry about this world, and that people who actually believe this propaganda. You actually scare me.

    • The only propaganda is mainstream media aka “the real fade news”. And as Jordan Maxwell says “the truth is no only stranger than one can imagine, it’s stranger than one can possibly imagine”.

  10. I would like to know the name of the machine you mentioned on the SGTReport for a friend of yours with cancer. Please email me if you can with the info. God Bless Linda

  11. Hi David,

    I’m setting up a Youtube channel to warn of the dangers of EMF Radiation especially to our children and I wondered if you’re ok with me using some of your images..?

    There is one in particular I would like to use but I need a 2048 x 1152 pixels size. It depicts the phone mast, a mobile phone and a little girls head, half skull, half normal.

    I have bought an Acoustimeter and have been visiting friends houses to test their EMF levels and so far they are all shocked by the silent nature of the dangers. I have young children and I am trying to warn their School of the dangers too, it’s close to my heart as I lost my cousin to cancer last year and he spent many hours with his ipad on his chest watching films via the wifi and I’m convinced that along with Acid Reflux the Wifi was responsible.

    Please let me know if you’re happy for me to use some of your images.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  12. Hi David Dees!! I absolutely LOVE your art!! I can’t wait to get a copy of your book..!! I have been an avid activist against chemtrails and geoengineering for several years now…and I help Suzanne Maher run the facebook group Bye Bye Blue Sky. Bye Bye Blue Sky has some wonderful billboards we are putting up with the help and donations from many people around the world..and I was wondering if you mind us using your artwork of the family holding hands and pointing up at the chemtrail sky in our one involved with these billboards makes any profit of any kind..these boards are being put up near busy highways to wake folks up to the aerosols in our skies.. and for more info., people are directed to our website and our facebook group of the same name.. Thanks David!! I eagerly await your reply!! <3 Val Hall

  13. David, have you noticed the uncanny likeness between Sanders and the Child Catcher character in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, luring gullible children to the dungeon with lollipops? Maybe you could have some fun with this.

  14. Wow. Your art is very heavy. There are so many valid points you are able to get across in each piece. Will you allow me to share any on social media? I am happy to share the link to your site, or the link to purchase your books along with any image. Also, I will look into purchasing one or more of your books when I can. Thanks for your art. It is both frightening and necessary.

  15. Hi, I am also a graduate from the University of YouTube and we seem to be on the same page. The big picture clarified for me last night when listening to ‘The Age of Deceit – The Fallen Angels and The New World Order’ with Chris White. The video blows and the score is too much at times, but the content is worth it in the end. I’m not particularly religious but have seen how this war between good and evil persists. Check it out…

    Have you thought of putting your work on CaféPress? They print, you get paid, and I can get a Oz – Bush monkey T-shirt… thanks

  16. Hi Davo – how do I go about buying a high rez jpeg of your ‘boiling frog’ in Gallery 3, 75/115?

    I’d like to put in on a shirt here in Australia unless you have someone in the USA already doing this.

    x Jim

  17. Have you seen the flag of Earth? I think it says it all. Note the 6 pointed star within the flower of life symbol.

  18. You may be unaware that Cafepress prints to order and costs you nothing. As mouse pads, mugs, t-shirts and even shower curtains are ordered and printed, you receive the balance amount after their costs from the asking price, which is whatever you want it to be. Check it out, and don’t forget who turned you on to it.

    Your bud in Shasta, Bert Panzer..

  19. My names Ron Guin, I was introduced to your incredible artwork through David Icke. I live in Chicago, IL and have a band called “Nam Land”.
    Nam Land’s music/lyrics are about what I’m passionate about, conspiracy theories, which most have been proven as FACTS.
    I feel my music/lyrics is my way to spread the truth and unveiling the deceit.
    We have a song called “Club F.E.M.A” and you have a piece that’ll be perfect for my albulm cover intitled, “Police State”.
    We don’t have a label, it’ll be independent. I’ll be making the albulms. We’re a small and local act, blue collar guys not out to make $$$ from our music. Ask any local musician, you never get the money you put in back. Your lucky to break even.
    It’s a labor of love.
    Anyways, I want to know if you’d be willing to let us use this artwork. We work 9 to 5, pay bills and taxes so we don’t have to much to spend. But your artwork is hypnotic and speaks volumes, not to mention visual stunning.
    Would you be willing to sell us “POLICE STATE”?
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks in advance, Ron Guin

  20. Greetings Sir David! I am the one who sent you a message on 8 March 2016, asking about your flat earth illustration. Indeed you are a master of your art. I really think that you should make one for that imbecile Rothschild-agent Alex Jones (real name: Bill Hicks) who speaks despicable rubbish and makes us conspiracy-theorists look like fools. Ye who makes this will be seen as great.

    • you are so right, he is a zionist and controlled. But I am not in the business of bashing Jones or anyone like that when we have real to life baby killers front and center.

      • Is he really any different than Trump? And as you said he is a zionist (implying that he supports killing innocent men, women, and children) and controlled opposition. It would have much significance if you expose this false god. The people need to know the full truth.

  21. Hi my band was wondering if you could make an album cover for us. I love your art and would be willing to pay. Email me if that’s possible one love!

  22. You evil red head nazi,
    I’m happy to hear about your financial crisis !
    May you die before the whore who gave you birth.
    All the bad things you go through are an outcome of your hatred and racism.

    The eye is watching.

  23. I’m putting together a video for the School Sisters of Notre Dame about their work with migrants on the border. I was wondering if I could use one of your illustrations (the one with vast Mexican hoards rushing the border) as a cutaway in one of the clips. If you agree, please tell me how you would like to be credited. Thanks, Martin

  24. Hey David! Wow, what inspiring material. Sometimes the Truth is ugly and you do a fine job of exposing it’s darker sides. Have you thought of doing a piece or two on the pope and the corruption of the Catholic Church? Pedophilia and all that nasty, well hid stuff that the vatican keeps under wraps. I imagine that someone like you could do some excellent work on that.

  25. Hi Dave, Love your work. I’m in a band called The Assasinators and would like to use your picture titled “Police State” for our upcoming album cover. I would be glad to pay… We are an unsigned band.

  26. Hi David, your time is precious so I’ll just say it – my idea for a painting is MasterBlaster from Mad Max as US/Israel…

    Thank You So much for your work.

    John Cook

  27. Excellent work David! Your images are amazing.
    I’m illustrating some PowerPoint sermons for SDA christian church. They are placing this Powerpoints for free, to everybody want to use.
    I want to use some of your images to illustrating the actual reality of the world.
    How much it need to paid for each image? They are non profit organization.
    We will put your name in the credits, for sure.
    I will wait for your answer.
    Thank you. Maria Marta Gimenez

    • yes, facebook is both ‘The Political Art of David Dees, and ‘David Dees’ (with the white cat photo)

      Twitter is ‘RealDavidDees’

      thanks, see you there

  28. You have remarkable intuition regarding the Modus Operandi of SHAM ORDER. Read my Twitter posts for insight into the Whys of SHAM ORDER (powered only in unreality and lies w/ goal anything other than reality: consumer programming, Sheeple and Whore generating). Electromagnetism (EM), projected via attention, conscious or unconscious (psychological submission)

  29. David – What’s your explanation of the Titanic disaster? History tells us the liner hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage in 1912 and sank. Is this right?

  30. Hello David. I would like to purchase rights to use one of your art-works. I am also hoping to find you willing to prepare custom designs, for a business relationship. I hope I am amicably relieved, in my requests, and if you are very busy I understand and wish you all the best. Good day.

  31. Hi Dave , Love your work . Suggestion , A long line of sheep waiting to vote and as a sheep opens the curtain to exit you see 2 seperate pictures of wolves one says republican and the other democrat .

  32. A) it is acceptable to use copyrighted material for economic gain as long as proper credit is given to the author.. . B) all original work located on the Internet is to be considered copyrighted.. . C) only items marked with the ? symbol are considered copyrighted.. . D) all Internet content is free for anyone to use..

  33. Thank you for your art. One picture is indeed 10,000 words.

    I wish to propose several ideas for illustrations. First, showing the Jewish owned New York Times and Washington Post as the primary source of information for the sheeple. Then the foundations: Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, etc. sponsoring the authors, college professors, writing the history books for high school and college. Of course it is fixed history. Also, there is substantial evidence WWII was promoted by Jews behind FDR to bring down Hitler and Germany because Hitler and FDR rose to power at the same time and in 5 years, Hitler turned Germany into the wealthiest society on the planet by empowering labor. FDR and the Jews needed to not only kill off Hitler’s Germany, but expunge it from memory, thus the Holohoax.

  34. Hi David just did a 12 hour stint with David Icke on his Wake Up Tour . Time is short and I am searching into a graphic I can use to make into bumper stickers with a thought provoking caption about Intel’s implants. I liked your art with the zombie population getting their implant. May I use this image to make a bumper sticker and maybe say something like: oops they said it would make me more intelligent… Or … Accept the implant and hand your mind over to the elite. Or Say yes to implants if you want Intel and Google to take over your mind , or, implants make vivisection look like child’s play. I am keen to distribute some things on flyers as well so any help would be greatfully received. No profit, for education purposes only. Thanks Wen

  35. Hello David. First and foremost I would like to thank you for making such awesome art, I’ve turned countless people onto your page and we are hooked on them and they make for such a great conversation.
    I would like to ask for your permission to use one of your pictures in my entertainer facebook profile, your name, link to your page as well as a detailed comment about the pic will be included and read by my fans. Let me know what you think. Thank you so much

  36. Kratom is an amazing plant medicine that is transforming the lives of opiate addicts and people locked in chemical prisons. This is a big issue and you know well about it. many vets,and sufferers live pain free due to this leaf Kratom. our community needs a powerful image depicting the opiate epidemic in the usa and imagery of historic Thailand opium wars and slaves of the fields. Kratom was banned with death sentence as a punishment. State by state is trying make the leaf a controlled or classified and all due to big pharma’s pull. The leaf of this plant allows addicts to walk away from the harmful Narcotics,This is not good for BIG PHARMA or those who receive kickbacks… imesses with their bottom line, the fda hates it. Please contact me about this. I contacted you years ago by email and you gave me permision to use some images.. I thank you for that. I hope to hear from you. Thank you for your work. much respect

  37. Hello David
    I am in my late 60’s living in Ireland and am writing a book try to warn the coming generation (that my 2 year old granddaughter is part of) of the dangers from the RF radiation that comes from Cell Towers and mobile phones. It is a non profit e book and I need a piece of art that grabs people’s attention for the cover. I saw your piece on google images which I really like, and am wondering if I can use it. It is the one with the tower / the phone and the child with a half head half skull.
    I will be happy to make a small donation.

    Thank you

  38. Looking to use one of your designs on a singular t-shirt, non-profit. Asking for your permission.

    Thank you,

  39. you are in point of fact a just right webmaster. The web site loading velocity is incredible. It seems that you’re doing any distinctive trick. In addition, The contents are masterwork. you have done a great job in this topic!

  40. Thank you David. I’ve used your artwork to define this deluge of a world, as well as what its done to destroy my near entire family, now me. Keep up the great work. Everyone of substance would agree–you’re one of the best artists on the Internet standing-up against this heinous NWO. Same here. God bless.

  41. Hi David,

    Do you still offer large autographed prints of your art? I was interested in getting one of the scotfield bible one with the church in hooks in the back ground. What size do you print them? How much would it cost with sutograph? Should I just paypal you the money with a message?


  42. Hi David: luv your illustrations…to the point!,,,wondering if you mind if I use your pyramid of skulls illustration for a section of a manual I’m writing…if this is an issue please let me know pronto and I’ll make up my own illustration…or if you want a payment sure…patty…..

  43. Hi there Mr. Dees,
    This art is very good. However, I’ve had reports from people that some of it is too graphic, such as the transgender one in Gallery One where the door shows a person with a man’s…ah, reproductive part. Also in Gallery One (I believe) is a Satanic ritual where it looks as if a man flying has…female upper parts, bare. There’s also the airport one (don’t remember where) where a computer screen shows a woman’s backside. Some of the art is repulsive, but that’s not what I’m concerned about. This is great stuff – how many people even know the truth and not the lies of the Masonic and Jewish-controlled media? This stuff acts kind of like an AED, a shock, a POW!, to help keep us out of complacency and remember all the horrors and errors of modern humanity. A picture is worth a thousand words. But if these few too graphic images were corrected, such as with a blurring or black strip, then your art would be silver instead of bronze, Fool’s Gold instead of shiny rock. You do not want to be the cause for an occasion of sin for somebody. I hope I’ve given a sufficient explanation of the issue. God bless.

    Viva Cristo Rey!
    +William Kaldawi

  44. David Love your work have followed you for years. Would like to know if you could design me some type of skull shape to be used on a web site for Reverse Speech. I am a student of David Oates, from Australia and will need something representing left and right side brain. looking straight at the face. Davids is a side view with Gears showing, I dont want a side view. If you would be interested, I would like to hear from you. You have my email my #870-688-7101

  45. Damn David. You afe 1 sick fuck lol…1 sick puppy with great art skills…do you do custom art? Can you make something pretty and beautiful for me? All those pictures you have up you’ve done about the government and the end of the world are nuts. Can you do a custom job for me? Nothing evil..

    Thanks Dave.
    God Bless. Kevin J.

  46. I’ve been anxiously waiting for your next illustration, what with all that is currently happening, i’m sure you’ve got some wonderful ideas. Hope you arent sick or anything. Bless you.

    JR from New Orleans

  47. Hi David,

    Love the work.
    Bought a T shirt a couple of years back, Sculls, but can’t seem to find any others. I believe it was from David Ickes site but can’t find any for sale anywhere, are they not for sale anymore, or if so, could you direct me to a site.
    I live in England.
    Keep up the good work, really like the Brexit one. Can’t wait while Trump wins then the global battle really starts.

  48. I love the power of your work to open the eyes of the sheeple especially regarding GMOs, vaccines, the pharma cartel, 9/11, the controlled, comatose, complicit media etc…

    Speaking of media, ’60 Minutes’ is showing a presstitute piece of lies re.
    Zika (when in truth, thousands of women who’ve contracted Zika have normal babies) … the latest false flag disease-mongering, chemical spraying and vaccine pushing agenda. I can’t seem to find any works re. the Zika hoax. *I’d love to see something showing the pharma puppeteer$, Florida Senator and his chemical $praying connected wife, media liars like 60 Minutes etc. (I’m sure you’ve already done a Zika work, but just can’t find it) Anyway, if you do, do another would love to see some of the guilty profiteer$ pictured! Thanks.

  49. I found this website by looking at a photo on Duke Mehal Rockefeller’s FaceBook Page. Duke is a friend of the Rothschilds and other members of the ‘Illuminati’. Great stuff here.

  50. David, do you ever do requests? I would dearly love to see your rendering of Hillary as Emperor Palpatine, with purple lightning shooting from her fingers. Wild, like in Mace Windu’s last scene- Power, Unlimited Power! Just my suggestion. Keep rockin’.

  51. you have to see this!!! I tried to send you this previously, but since most people are afraid to download an unsolicited file from someone they don’t know,,  I made a youtube link.  You can just click here
    im releasing anonymously, this is absolutely for non-profit use

  52. Hey Dave, just rc’d shipment of Volume 2. Wow. Incredible work. Thank you for all your sacrifices. As for Page 98, got a link? — G.P. Milford NH

  53. Hi David,
    I found an image that you created (EMF – there is a boy sleeping with EMF radiation). It would be perfect to use on a blog post for my client
    I am writing to ask for permission and I am happy to credit the image to yourself and direct to your website also.
    Please let me know if thats ok.
    Kind regards

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  55. Such an ugly wa$$p. Zionism, Zionism, Zionism, how about an article on the love of iSSlma you filthy hate filled waSSp??

  56. Hi David, I would love to buy both Vol 1 and 2 with a credit card but PayPal is making me sign up to do so. I don’t want PayPal. Any ideas on how I can use my credit card to purchase you amazing art???
    Thank so much, Brother

  57. Praying for you Mr David Dees.
    You are 1 SiCk FuCk.
    You definitely need a serious talk with God aKa Jesus Christ.
    But I’m sure you don’t care about The Good Afterlife or Eternal Life in Heaven, or Eternal Death in the flames and furnace of Hell.

    I’ve seen way too many of your Satanic “art” which I can’t even call art, since there’s real people in most pictures posing for the portraits it looks like, for instance the people laying down for the vaccine road block or whatever,

    I know you won’t or don’t care but here I go,
    Read this if you have balls.

    Our Father,
    Who art in Heaven,
    Hallow by thy name,
    Thy Kingdom come,
    Thy will be done,
    On earth, as it is in Heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread,
    And forgive us our tresspasses,
    As we forgive those who trespass against us,
    And lead us not into temptation,
    But deliver us from evil.

    Here’s another prayer

    It’s called an act of faith.

    Oh God, I Believe.
    Help Now My Unbelief.

    Saint Michael The ArchAngel,
    Defend Us in Battle,
    Be Our Defense Against The Wickedness And Snares Of The Devil.

    May God Rebuke Him, We Humbly Pray,
    And Do Thou Oh Price Of The Heavenly Host,
    By The Power Of God, Cast (Thrust) Into Hell,
    Satan, And All The Evil Spirits Who Prowl About The World, Seeking The Ruin Of (To Destroy) Souls.

    Hail Mary,
    Full Of Grace,
    The Lord Is With Thee,
    Blessed Art Thou Amoung Women,
    And Blessed Is The Fruit Of Thy Womb Jesus,
    Holy Mary,
    Mother Of God,
    Pray For Us Sinners (All Of Us, All 7-8 Billion People On Earth) Now And At The Hour Of Our Death.

    Angel Of God,
    My Gaurdian Dear,
    To whom God’s love commits me here,
    Ever this day (or night) be at my side.
    To light and gaurd,
    To rule and guide.

    God Bless You DD
    David Dee,

    Sincerely, Kevin J

  58. hey david , bought your 2 books havnt got them yet just hoping there on the way have any news? possible time frame ? thanks for your time

  59. Thanks David, for you amazing eye-opening art. Not much of this stuff is new to me since we were brought up without a TV, homeschooled, and Traditional Catholic, knowing the truth about the satanic New World Order and its agenda from youth. But there is more to uncover daily. We will never know the extent of their wickedness until we are in heaven with our Creator. Our parents had investigated and researched and wanted the truth, so we know what end’s up, but we are a sliver of minority. These books are amazing. Thank you for your talent and courage. Ignore the trolls who hate on your work, because of their weakness and cowardice, especially the ones who pretend to be Christian. They don’t know Christ if they don’t know the Truth. He said, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.” and “The Truth will set you free.” Good work. May our Almighty God bless you.

  60. Hi, David. I want to order COLLECTORS Limited Edition Volume 2.
    Is there anyway can I get 1x LTD edition, 1x signed vol 1, 1x signed vol 2 for this order ?( replacing 1 x vol 2 with vol 1, I mean)

  61. I’m confused. Despite Donald Trump filling his appointments list with former goldman sachs employees, soros employees, exxon employees, lobbysts, neocons such as Rick Perry & Mike pence and despite him saying he’s not going to prosecute hillary or saying he’s going to reinstate the patriot act…. despite him speaking at AIPAC and saying he’s 1000% devoted to Israel… you’re still supporting him? I mean the guy had the clintons come to his wedding and golfs with bill. Why do people think ‘he’s an outsider’ just because he says it. I could say I’m the worlds greatest lover but doesn’t make it true.

      • I only hope that he is using the goldman bankers etc to stave off any assassination attempt until Jan 20. Then he’ll clean ship/drain the swamp. I also hope that he’s not going to do an Obama on us all. I do admit though that it’s not looking good. I will wait unter a few months into his presidency before passing judgement.

  62. David, LOVE your work, Please keep it up! One comment if I may. I think you need to hammer Trump a little more. He campaigned on “draining the swamp” but all I see him doing is appointing Goldman Sachs flunkies and a lot of the same people Hillary would have. He poked fun at Ted Cruz for being “owned by Goldman Sachs” and Trump turns around and is licking the boots of GS. Also funny how in his financials, he has hundreds of millions in loans from all sorts of banks, including GS. If that isn’t being owned by banks, I don’t know what is. Trump is another loud mouth, all talk, Israeli controlled “S”elected president.

  63. I want to order some books but your web site is not understandable. I cant figure it out how to click off
    the books I want. Can you call my office? 732-295-1300
    and I can order 4 books. My name is Richard Poulos, Embroidery Technologies, Inc. 737 Howe St.
    Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 I have ordered before so please call me so I can get them by Christmas.


  64. Hi David! Greetings from the admirers of your great work from Estonia!

    I am trying to order the VOL 1 & 2 SPECIAL, but PayPal does not let through the payment without creating an account with them… which I do not want to do. Are there any other options?… another unfortunate fact is that the card I intended to use will expire in 4 days… I hope we can find a solution before the expiration 🙂

  65. I absolutely LOVE ❤️ your artwork You should make calendars and sell them !
    Hope you had a relaxing Christmas
    How are them fat cats doing

    Happy New Years to you and yours and cheers from
    Destin, Florida


  66. Dees is a dirty waSSp financed by swiSSy. Like to see his mother attacked by the horniest gang of muSSlims on the planet

  67. OK – let me get this straight.
    The Jews want to rule the world, by infiltrating every foreign government, and manipulating every economy/military/industry to their own advantage?
    And then what….take over?
    Is this really what you believe?
    All this from that tiny country….the one with enemies on all borders.
    The one that keeps giving away their own land in a misguided attempt to attain peace.
    The country that can’t even build neighborhood housing for their own people without promoting world-wide condemnation?
    For those of you that won’t investigate your own beliefs….that take someone else’s word as truth – the Jewish people have been a blessing to every country and city they have ever lived in! Their contributions to mankind is nothing short of astonishing – in Math, Physics, Economics, Music, Politics. How many Nobel Prizes have been awarded to Jewish people? Have you ever even counted? It’s well over 1/3.
    Name ONE country that has been harmed by the presence of people of Jewish descent….that has suffered because Jews lived there.
    Just one.

    The thought that the Jewish people are trying to rule the world is a joke.

    For those of you that actually believe that the Jews are behind the efforts to achieve a New World Order, I ask; did you investigate the reason for your suspicions? Did you do the work – did you even LOOK for the truth….. or simply take someone’s word for it?
    It’s much easier to simply go along with the crowd and adopt someone else’s opinion as your own.
    Isn it?

  68. HI Mr. Dees, Big fan of your Activism and have your excellent art book.
    i did a three hour vid/doc on Targeted Individuals and after reading your story about being gangstalked, I thought you might find the information on touchless torture relevant. I also highly recommend the book by Dr. Robert Duncan, “Soul Catcher”, he used to work with these Mofo’s until he decided to speak out.
    It will not be long until this touchless torture mind fuking is brought down on all, thanx for speaking out.
    J. Lee
    (its broken down into 9 chapters. Ch 8 goes through the technical applications they have developed.)

    • thank you for your concern, and yes, the extent they abused me in europe is still a mystery, but the things I can remember are very frightening. Will watch your video best I can without freaking out.

  69. Hi David
    Your art has amazed me for many years. It is some of the most powerful
    images out there exposing the Zionists, Vaccers, Banksters and psychotic
    elitists bent on destroying our world. Congratulations on your art and your courage
    to take a stand.

    I am putting together a DVD on my book “The Matrix of Gog” . see here:

    I want to use some of your art work, as they are among the best illustrations for
    the type of presentation I’d like to do.

    Please email me when you have a chance.

    Daniel Patrick

  70. Love what you have accomplished with your satirical art. I woke up around 2004 when I saw bldg. 7 go down for the first time. I had considered myself newsy at the time so imagine my shock at seeing it for the first time some 3 or 4 years after the fact.

  71. Found your illustration of a child surrounded by candy and wonder if it would be OK to use this as illustration when i talk about sugaraddition in my line of work ? potentially i also wish to use it as illustration on my blogg ! Rarely i see something that goes as straight to my heart as that illustration did !!

  72. Hello, we are designing a card playing game. I’m a big fan of your work. And want to inquire about designing picture for are cards in our game. it would be an ongoing thing. if you can email me either way would be great. thank you

    sean chevrier chevs2015@gnail,com

  73. Hi David, WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! Just saw your art for the first time. FANTASTIC!!! The BEST I’ve ever seen!!! God Bless & Protect You and Your Messages!!!

  74. It’s a swamp all right and the only thing Trump is going to do is dredge it deeper and call it a water park. Because until we address the systemic issues such as the military gators, the pharma poison snakes, the banker leaches, NSA vultures and the wall street pythons, nothing will change in the new swamp except for it to be even more concentrated and dangerous to our well being.

  75. Excellent work! I’m a fellow collage artist and your mastery inspires me to create more works. Thank you for sharing your work! Let me know if you want me to send one or two of mine. Cheers!

  76. Interesting article! Thank you for sharing them! I hope you will continue to have similar posts to share with everyone! I believe a lot of people will be surprised to read this article!

  77. Hey David,

    Greetings from Raleigh NC. I just watched your interview at SGT Report.

    Your interpretations of good ole folk songs are awesome. I really enjoyed your performance.

    I am a guitar player as well. Like to sing the oldies, Amazing Grace, Autumn Leaves …

    I would like to purchase 5 of your new book. Can you give me a deal?


  78. Hello Dave. I recently saw your video on SGT Report and was very impressed, lovely work! I did leave a +ve comment (as patatasbravas 321) and would very much like order your three books. I do not have paypal nor a credit card and I asked my son to buy them for me. Unfortunately, paypal would not connect with a message “something’s not right, return to merchant” which I thought was very strange. Perhaps you can ascertain if there is a problem as my wife and I would like to help enable you to publish your third book and enlighten others if we can with the collection. Anyway, I would be most grateful if you could let me know when it woud be possible to do the transaction. Thank you for your work and what you doin such an effective way. Best wishes and peace to you. Kind regards, Steve Bussey.

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