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  1. Hello Dave… I am very interested in the RIFE Technology. I am very sure that I have suffered from systemic Candida all my life. After taking probiotics years ago.. I woke up and became healthier than ever. Please tell me more about it and what it can do.


    Christopher Caicedo

  2. Hi David

    Though Im in the UK I’d love to have further info about RIFE technology.

    Thanks for all you do, I love your art.

    Best wishes, Chris

  3. David,
    Saw you on the SGT report you sounded and look great.
    Love to know more about the RIFE, my wife has always thought it was a real help.
    Anyway I order 6 copies of your new volume 3
    We have 6 copies of the other 2 volumes and volume 2 was signed with a fingerprint verification cert.
    Thanks for your work.
    God Bless

  4. Hi David,
    Does Rife tec helps with depression and anxiety?.
    Im interested in the technology can you please email me an information pack.
    Thank you for your time and happy birthday for next month.
    Ill go finish listening to the interview you gave with shawn at sgt report now.
    Thanks again.

  5. Hi Dave nice to see you on sgt report just ordered vol 3 looking forward. If you could send me info on the RIFE would like to learn about it. I heard you say you play at the local nurse homes, my mom is now in a home and when someone comes in to play sing songs it really makes her day. So hats off to you for that. You know this whole thing with planet x, pole shifts, brown dwarf stars, solar flares, emp present astrological time period we are in might be interesting topics for your art. A lot of interest in this along with the writings of Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson on the ice ages. floods global cooling etc. Just some thoughts. Enjoy your work! Thanks Fred

  6. I’m a sgtreport follower , saw your interview and I’m interested in getting some info on the rife machine.

  7. I have mycotoxin poisoning and would like more information on RIFE. I saw you on SGTReport.


  8. hi,

    I saw you video on SGT… great interview. Id like to get some more info about RIFE Tech.
    I will also be purchasing a book… absolutely great work!!!!

  9. Hello David,
    I believe I look in the same direction as you with health and would love some info on rife technology.
    Thank You.

  10. Hi Dave,

    Firstly, thanks for all the fantastic stuff you produce and for helping to wake the world up with it!

    Secondly, I’d be happy to hear about the Rife equipment you’re using and how much you sell it for.

    Thanks Again,


  11. Hi David, keep up the great work!
    Very interested in Rife, but what I’ve seen it’s very expense. In 2012 got a set of vaccines which i had to go back 3 times for, was not wise to them. Then noticed my shoulder had sandy skin were i got the injections after 6months. Got sick over a year ago and this made my entire body reject my skin as it all peeled off several times as I’ve got a bacteria that got into my system. I’m still pretty much pink skinned. Please send me the info and hopefully an affordable machine of someone who can apply it locally. Thanks! Btw, I sent your book out as a gift a few years back.

  12. Hello David. Just ordered your books and the saw you back on SGT. Please tell me more about RiFE. I have severe MS and know the power of nutrition, sun and flora (gut). Tesla, we are all electrons and connected as one.

    Eric 🙂

  13. I would like to find out more information about the Rife generator and I would like to buy all three books. I do not want a discount your work is much more valuable than the current costs.

  14. Hi

    I enjoy your art .. Also your interview on SGT report.

    I would like to know more about the Rife Technology —–

    you are doing great job informing people — keep it up !!!

    Tom Stiko

  15. Hi David. I saw you on the SGT Report and am very interested in buying your books and in rife technology. Thank you, Pam

  16. Hello Dave,
    I caught your interview on the SGT report, thought it was a nice change of pace. I went down the rabbit hole shortly after 9/11, what a mind awakening experience that has been. It’s seems tin foil hats are becoming more fashionable, maybe I’m not as crazy or paranoid as others think, LOL. You caught my attention when you were talking about the Rife machine. I know there are a few out there claiming to have the true Royal Raymond Rife technology, and I was curious as to the brand you’re distributing. I’m sure you’re aware that Rife Technology is only as good as the frequencies that destroy the bugs. Do you also sale a book with the accurate frequencies to target specific bugs? Thanks for the info, hope all goes well.

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