An Overview of The Artwork of David Dees

David Dees, a graphic artist based in Louisville, Kentucky is popular for his anti-Semitic and conspiratorial art. His artwork was circulated across the email groups of extremists released on the 9/11 conspiracy theories website and later changed into videos and posted on YouTube as well as other Websites. David Dees‘s biography states that his artworks are an effort to wake others up about the offensive of the government of leading power-crazy countries

Much of Deeds’ art is openly anti-Semitic, and many of his pictures supported Holocaust denial. In one picture, an Auschwitz prisoner is getting off the train and he holds a placard in the foreground, which read “what really happened”. The line “The truth is not afraid of scrutiny” used by Holocaust denials was also written on the stock car.

In another picture, a prisoner imprisoned for “seeking evidence of 6 million carburetors during the Holocaust” is kept captive between continuous rapists and killers. The faceless guard wearing riot control uniform with the yellow Star of David badge and Israeli police insignia. Another picture shows a woman being killed by the same faceless guard while reading a book about whether 6 million people really died.

Dees also used gas chambers images at Auschwitz and publicized that the gas Zyklon-B was really used to kill lice in Auschwitz, and not the people. He also alleged that it was proven by conducting scientific testing. In the same image, he asserted that it was Zionists who claimed the gas was used to eradicate millions of Jews and that the Holocaust was actually created by Jewish state supporters.

The Star of David badge with the letter Z in the middle is the flagship of Deeds’ anti-semitic pictures, such as faceless guard uniforms, red mushroom clouds floating above American cities, California Governor’s wrist pendants, or the dark sky above the wrists of an Arab kid.  In the context of images of David Dees, the yellow Star of David badge with the letter Z suggests that the Jews dominate people and world events.

Another anti-Semitic picture shows former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the blood pool of an American soldier beside Dick Cheney, a small George Bush in the pocket of  Sharon’s jacket.

In dozens of other intriguing images published on other pages of his website or in another place, Deeds blamed George Bush, Dick Cheney, and other American leaders with horrible images, as a basis of accusation against them for killing Iraqis and Americans and slaughtering the US Constitution.

Many pictures of David Deeds supported some of the very well-known Internet conspiracy theories that include the concept that the U.S. government organized the 9/11 attacks, a mysterious group called Bilderberg manages the world affairs, and the chemtrails can spread deadly diseases.

David Dees has provided his artworks and cover illustrations to an anti-government, surreptitious magazine. He considers himself a freelance artist and illustrator and claims to have more than two decades of experience as a graphic artist.